Linkurile zilei – Gaza, o rana deschisa [2009 – 8]

1:15 pm Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Israelul ar putea invada din nou Gaza

Apropo de holocaustul din Fasia Gaza

Israelul ameninta ca va riposta “cu severitate” in Gaza

Un deputat israelian propune un stat palestinian in… Venezuela

Palestinienii vor solicita un ajutor de 2,8 miliarde dolari pentru reconstructia Gazei

Iranul cere Interpolului arestarea a 15 ‘criminali de razboi’ israelieni

Acordarea ajutoarelor pentru reconstructia Fâsiei Gaza este problematica

SUA doneaza bani pentru reconstructia Fasiei Gaza

Israel: Shimon Peres cere noului parlament sa-si faca o prioritate din pacea cu palestinienii

Amnesty International acuza partile implicate in luptele din Gaza de crime de razboi si cere embargou pentru vanzarile de arme catre israelieni si palestinieni

Israel may face Gaza war crimes trial

They Told Me Daddy Died – As the war in Gaza raged, Israel Defense Forces reservists apparently thought anything was permissible

Israel’s use of force was justified: Israeli forces took extraordinary steps not to harm Gazan civilians and yes, claims about misuse of weapons are being investigated

Suspend military aid to Israel, Amnesty urges Obama after detailing US weapons used in Gaza

Zionism And Palestine Pre-Planned And Pre-Meditated Ethnic Cleansing And Land Theft

Interpol issues arrest warrants for 15 Israelis

Hamas slams amnesty for equating between criminal and victim

Israel blocks pasta shipment to Gaza, and tensions boil

Open Letter: Former Peace Negotiators Call for End to Hamas Boycott

Blair: Israeli siege on Gaza must be lifted immediately

video – Israeli Terrorism And Genocide In Gaza

Miliband Faces UK Court Battle Over Gaza: Lawyers for Palestinian families claim foreign secretary’s failure to ban arms sales to Israel flouted international law

Iran asks Interpol to arrest top Israeli officials

Blair shocked at devastation on first Gaza visit as envoy

UK sued over arms sales to Israel

Hamas: Fatah helped Israel in war

Erdogan urges Israel to recognize Hamas

Interview with former Knesset Leader: “We Are Such an Angry People”

US to donate $900 million in aid to Gaza

Israel & Hamas ‘guilty of war crimes’

American Jews Oppose Israeli Policy in Gaza: “We Shall Not Be a Party to Their Counsel!”

video – Israeli Occupation Forces Shoot Gaza Farmer

The Cleanser: Lobby Whistles Up Cordesman to “Prove” Israel Waged a Clean War in Gaza – By Norman Finkelstein

To the President of the State of Israel and the Director of the Yad Vashem Memorial – Erase my grandfather’s name at Yad Vashem

Amnesty International: Gaza white phosphorus shells were US made:

Ramallah helped Israel hit Hamas, Gaza

Amnesty International says Israel guilty of war crimes, demands that US halt military aid

Israel is never asked to be non-violent, only Gaza is.

US Congressman visits Gaza, has a reaction. He’s kind of perturbed. “If this had happened in our own country, there would be national outrage.”

Jews Shoot Another Innocent Gazan Fisherman

Gaza: Food insecurity increasing after war – Israelis Destroy Farms, Crops, Wells, Livestock

“We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us. Allon repeated his question, What is to be done with the Palestinian population?’ Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said ‘Drive them out!”Yitzhak Rabin, leaked censored version of Rabin memoirs, published in the New York Times, 23 October 1979.

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