Linkurile zilei – Gaza, o rana deschisa [2009 – 7]

11:35 pm Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Sionismul: propunere de dezbatere pornind de la filmul “Rabini contra sionism”

Bombe neexplodate, lansate asupra Fasiei Gaza in timpul ofensivei israeliene, au disparut de la un depozit aflat pe teritoriul palestinian

UE ajuta Agentia ONU pentru Refugiatii Palestinieni cu 41 de milioane de euro

Razboiul iminent: Israelul si inarmarea Libanului

Bibi Netanyahu pe cai mari

Avioane israeliene au atacat tunelurile contrabandistilor palestinieni intre Fasia Gaza si Egipt

Israel is a Terrorist State by Definition: Chomsky

video – The Palestinian Perspective: What the World Looks Like from the West Bank

The Real Israel-Palestine story is in the West Bank

Israel takes control of more West Bank land

Benjamin Netanyahu Says If Elected Israel’s Next PM, He Will Not Divide Jerusalem

Do Americans Get “The Truth”?

video – Galloway On Zionists & Gaza Massacre

Chomsky: Obama OKed Israel’s Gaza war

EU Paying for Gaza Blockade

Hamas: Israel picked ‘most dangerous’ politician to lead it

Fearing a One-State Solution, Israel’s President Serves Pabulum to Washington

video – US Empire and the Conflict in Israel/Palestine

Brian Views Destruction in Gaza – Calls for Immediate Relief and Change in Policy

Egypt has bad memories of Netanyahu

Farra: Israel destroyed 3,000 residential units in Khan Younis

Israel Finally Faces Mass Law Suits

It’s Time To Rethink Zionism: The desire for ethnic purity that drove out Palestinians and bars the way to democracy in Israel is the rotten fruit of an old debate

Israeli warplanes strike on Gaza-Egypt’s “borderline”

IsraHell: Israel and Racism

Egypt: Israel wrong to tie Schalit issue to Gaza “truce”

Tzipi Livni: give up half of Land of Israel to secure peace with the Palestinians

Once You See What Truly Happened In Gaza, It Will Change You Forever

Kerry shuns Hamas during Gaza visit

Fascist Rule In Israel

For the Fishermen of Gaza – by George Galloway

“Before [the Palestinians] very eyes we are possessing the land and the villages where they, and their ancestors, have lived… We are the generation of colonizers, and without the steel helmet and the gun barrel we cannot plant a tree and build a home” – Famous Israeli Army Commander, Moshe Dayan

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