Linkurile zilei – Gaza, o rana deschisa [2009 – 5]

10:35 pm Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Barak a bombardat degeaba Gaza

Israelul “rupe” o bucata din Cisiordania

Hamas, de acord cu un armistitiu de durata in Fasia Gaza

Hamas : Israelienii au votat cu “cei mai agresivi” lideri

Rezultatul final al alegerilor legislative din Israel: Kadima obtine un loc in plus fata de formatiunea Likud

Comisie de ancheta ONU pentru Fasia Gaza

Mesajul scrutinului israelian

Fasia Gaza: O explozie a ucis un palestinian si a ranit alti cinci

Alegeri in Israel: Doi învingatori si un perdant

Alegeri în Israel: „Un învingator fara guvern si un învins – viitor prim-ministru”

Livni a castigat alegerile, dar nu si guvernul

Israelienii au ales Dreapta, dar situatia ramane confuza. Cheile Guvernului se afla la “moldoveanul”

Rabbinul Yisrael Rosen si ideile sale iudeo-naziste (de Saleh Al Naami) – “Toti palestinienii trebuie sa fie omorâti : barbatii, femeile, copiii, si chiar animalele lor”

Sefia guvernului israelian, un subiect cu impact scazut în lumea araba

Populatia Fasiei Gaza depaseste 1,4 milioane de locuitori, potrivit unui recensamant

Tzipi Livni a avut probleme in dragoste din cauza carierei sale in Mossad

What We Found in Gaza: Strong Indications of Violations of the Laws of War, U.S. Law, and War Crimes Found in the Gaza Strip

Israel’s Rationale for Murder: No One is Innocent – Killing civilians as a strategy

video – Not So Cool Facts About Israel

UN To Charge Israel With War Crimes

Israel shoots at Gaza peace activists

Gilad Shalit: The Grand Illusion

Two Palestinian ministers are trying to push the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch a probe into Israel’s war crimes in Gaza

Israel takes control of more West Bank land

Israel rules out Gaza truce unless soldier freed

How to Kill a Palestinian

Hamas Vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine

Israeli Boats Shell Northern Gaza

Israel Shells Pediatrics & Nursing Home

British diplomat arrested after ‘f***ing Jews’ rant

Two UK Surgeons Describe Gaza Horror

Israel’s Existential Dilemma

Israeli Remarks Anger Turkey

Those People in Gaza: Where Do They Come From, And Why Are They So Mad?

The Second Nakba: Unspeakable Israeli Butchery Of Innocents

Israel: No truce without Shalit

UK police seize Gaza aid vans

A Toxic Force Rises In Israel: The country needs to take a long hard look at itself after a vote that has elevated a far right politician to kingmaker

Gaza: The World Looks Away – If the IDF and Hamas have breached the laws of war, they must be held to account, to set down a marker for future conflicts

Was Einstein Right? Israel’s Bloody Excesses

Light for Gaza is a Challenge Against Israeli War Crimes

Israel Lurches Into Fascism

video – The Gaza Song

video – Israel’s Crimes

Jerusalem Post: World duped by Hamas death count

Israel Treated Gaza Like Its Private Death Lab

Students angered by Gaza revive sit-ins

UN’s Ban tells Security Council of Gaza inquiry

video – George Galloway Slams Hosni Mubarak on Gaza

The Racist, Apartheid State Of Jewish Israel – by Jim Kirwan

Israel Violated Gaza Cease-Fire 7+ Times

Hamas: Gaza truce depends on outcome of Israeli elections

Tzipi Livni, predicted to win Israeli election: Her father served as the chief operations officer of the Irgun (Israeli terrorist organization)

Arabs – Israeli Election Victory For Extremism

What About Six Million Palestinian Refugees?

Israeli Bomblets Continue To Harm Lebanon: Children have been the main victims

European Disunion – Is The EU Cracking Up?

Palestinian Media Pessimistic After Israel vote

video – Hamas murder campaign in Gaza exposed: Islamist regime has killed dozens and tortured others as ‘collaborators’ with Israel in war’s aftermath, Amnesty and Guardian sources say

UN says Israel blocks most Gaza aid

Behind the violence in Gujarat, Gaza and Iraq is the banality of democracy

Elections 2009 / Fatah rooting for Livni, says Netanyahu win will boost Hamas

Netanyahu Tough Line In Golan Heights; Likud head plants a tree for his son in disputed territory

The ‘Jewish Question’ Now A Global Issue: Outrage Towards Anyone Who Proffers Valid Criticism

Arabs cheer after the elections in Israel

Deconstructing Israel’s ‘Right To Exist’

“Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.”
– Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March, 2001 quoted in BBC News Online

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