Linkurile zilei – Gaza, o rana deschisa [2009 – 4]

12:14 am Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Blocada totala Cisiordaniei, in timpul alegerilor in Israel

Israelul în prag de alegeri – o tara fara viziuni?

Unul din doi arabi cu drept de vot boicoteaza alegerile din Israel

video – Israelul – Invazia tacuta

video – Israel: La Invasion Silenciosa / Israelul – Invazia tacuta

Israel: Alegeri sub zodia Hamas. Ministrul de externe, un fost premier si un “moldovean” lupta pentru postul de premier

Netanyahu, la un pas de reinscaunarea ca premier

Hamas ii persecuta pe cei pe care ii suspecteaza ca au colaborat cu Israelul, potrivit Amnesty International

Batalia pentru Knesset

UN moves to charge Israel with war crimes

Let Netanyahu Win – By Gideon Levy

Rabbis’ merciless booklets justified Gaza atrocities: Israeli Defense Ministry admits to distributing a booklet written by military Rabbis which asked troops to show no mercy against Palestinians

video – Israelis trains children in the use of weapons: “Dudu, I’ve told you a thousand times that you should only point guns at Arabs….!”

A Short History Of The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

video – Prof Norman Finkelstein – Israel’s Massive Atrocity In Gaza

Palestinian Despair Deepens Before Israel Elections

Palestinian killed by Israeli troops

Mubarak: Gaza truce possible next week

video – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Addresses European Parliament

Bibi Vows To Stop All Rocket Attacks

Tens Of Thousands Of Gazans In Tents

Benjamin Netanyahu, the leading contender to be prime minister of Israel, has vowed on the eve of a general election never to return the Golan Heights to Syria

Israeli artillery fire kills Palestinian in Gaza

Israel vs Gaza as a diagram

Disillusioned Arabs to Snub Election

Open Letter To UN Secy-General: Sderot is built on the ashes of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian town of Naid

Dirty Socks: Fascism has become a serious player in the Israeli public domain

Egypt has refused entry into the Gaza Strip to members of an international committee in charge of investigating Israeli war crimes

“It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands.”Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998.

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