Linkurile zilei – Gaza, o rana deschisa [2009 – 3]

11:50 pm Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Davos: Premierul turc impiedicat sa vorbeasca impotriva masacrarii palestienilor in Gaza

Turcia strange dovezi despre crimele de razboi comise de Israel in Gaza

Ce datoreaza umanitatea palestinienilor (Gilles Devers)

Un radical exploziv pe podiumul politicii israeliene

Ajutoare pentru palestinieni

image – O imagine mai graitoare ca o mie de cuvinte: elevii din Gaza, întorsi la scoala dupa masacre

Mesajul primului ministru palestinian Ismail Haniyeh

Gaza: Doua rachete au lovit sudul Israelului. Acordul de pace ar putea fi amânat

Protest în Marea Britanie, fata de o firma care importa flori din Israel

Aviatia israeliana continua raidurile în Fâsia Gaza

Wanted: Ehud Barak (pentru crime de razboi si crime împotriva umanitatii)

Stres… la americani si la altii (de Layla Anwar)

Holocau$tul, jidanii si palestinienii

Nazism german vs. nazism israelian – Hartuiri si arestari

Binele, raul si terorismul (de Eric Rouleau)

Cosmarul din Fâsia Gaza, trait de o românca

Fâsia Gaza, un “nod gordian” pentru Israel

Razboiul din Gaza intareste extrema dreapta in Israel

Razboiul din Gaza sau responsabilitatea rugaciunii

Conflictul din Gaza se reia pe principiul “ochi pentru ochi, dinte pentru dinte”

Purtatorul de cuvant al Hamas, arestat la granita cu peste 10 milioane USD nedeclarati

Obama si chestiunea israeliano-palestiniana (de Noam Chomsky)

Israelul lanseaza un nou atac in Fasia Gaza

Israel a bombardat, din nou, Fâsia Gaza : “Vom ramâne pregatiti, mereu cu mâna pe tragaci”

Un mort si patru raniti intr-un raid aerian israelian in Gaza

Colonizarea israeliana continua, oricare ar fi guvernantii

Israelul isi apara macelarii de justitia internationala

Hamas a confiscat ajutoare umanitare

Hamas divide clasa politica de la Ierusalim: Israelul reia raidurile aeriene in Gaza

Ancheta spaniola asupra unui bombardament din Gaza (2002) irita Israelul

Cutremur politic in Tara Sfanta: Cotidianul “Iediot Aharonot” sustine ca israelienii si palestinienii ar fi ajuns la un acord

“Razboiul Gaza 2” gata sa izbucneasca

Netanyahu: Israelul trebuie sa darame regimul Hamas, aliat al Iranului

Un numar de 548 de palestinieni sunt detinuti in Israel fara proces

Atacurile din Fasia Gaza maresc numarul de convertiri la Crestinism

La initiativa Arhiepiscopului Ieronim al II-lea al Atenei si intregii Grecii, Biserica greaca a trimis 50 de tone de alimente in Gaza

Robert Fisk: So, I asked the UN secretary general, isn’t it time for a war crimes tribunal?

Evidence Mounts: Israel Used Gaza as Testing Ground for Horrific New Weapons

image – Propaganda: Headline describes rockets hitting Israel, but photo depicts damage in Gaza, creating a misleading impression of the damage caused by the Palestinian rockets

Turkey Probes Israel War Crimes In Gaza

Zionist ‘Adolf’ Lieberman – Nuke Gaza Refugees

Hamas says it accepts 18-month truce with Israel

Israeli elections: Be afraid. Be very afraid

‘F**king Israelis, f**king Jews’: British high-ranking Foreign Office diplomat arrested over anti-Semitic rant in gym !

Only Israel’s Hawks Can Promise Peace

Former US justice secretary, Ramsey Clark – Israeli War On Gaza Genocide

video – The bloody Israeli sojourn in Gaza: Norman Finkelstein, says Israel committed massive atrocities in Gaza

Families destroyed by Gaza conflict

Health ministry appeals for saving lives of hundreds of cancer patients in Gaza

Israel ‘admits’ using white phosphorus munitions

Piracy in Palestinian territorial waters: A Lebanese ship is escorted by an Israeli naval boat near the port in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod

Netanyahu Stokes Fear To Take Poll Lead: Israel’s right-wing hawk is striking a chord with election voters who mistrust peace with Palestinians

Anti-Jewish Sentiments Run High In Britain: British Jews’ safety fears grow after Gaza invasion

video – The Arabs of Israel: ‘The Jewish majority should be afraid’ – Local politicians say the rise of anti-Arab sentiment is a threat to the whole country

video – Zionism: The Ugly Face of Israel

This just in: Israel is indeed our 51st State!

IAEA to probe Israeli uranium ammunition: UN nuclear watchdog to investigate if Israel used ammunition containing depleted uranium on Gaza

Netanyahu Warns Obama on Talks as He Challenges Livni

video – Something to tell the world! An animated message from Rabbi Weiss, expressing what a real Jew feels towards the Arab and Muslim people of the world!

Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers and internationals in Al Faraheen

US journalists call Israeli foreign minister Livni a ‘terrorist’

Corrupt Egyptian system: feeds the IDF, starves Gazans, oppresses journalists

Israel’s Media Management is Not Just Impressive, It’s Terrifying: How to Sell “Ethical” Warfare

Inhuman Calculations: Did Israel Commit War Crimes in Gaza?

Israeli university welcomes ‘war crimes’ colonel

Army rabbi gave ‘hate’ leaflets to troops implying that all Palestinians are their mortal enemies and advising them that cruelty is sometimes a “good attribute”

Rothschilds And Geography

How Will Obama Respond to Israeli War Crimes?

Trends Institute Warns: Israel War to Ignite Terror, Threaten Global Economy and possibly Spark World War III,

Gaza op may be squeezing Hamas, but it’s destroying Israel’s soul

Behind the Bloodbath in Gaza – by Norman Finkelstein

Ehud Barak proposes tunnel connecting Gaza to West Bank

Children of Gaza: stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived

Deadly flare-up in Gaza

video – Cynthia McKinney – Palestine, Israel, Boat getting rammed

Gaza Zoo And Its Animals Destroyed By Israelis

Gaza in Ruins: ‘Who Has Won Here?’

Names & Photos Of Israeli Gaza War Criminals

Dozens believed dead in reprisal attacks as Hamas retakes control – Suspected collaborators shot during and after war

Breaking Gaza’s Will – Israel’s Morbid Fantasy

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas

Israel’s Conspicuous Silence after the War

Chronicle of a Suicide Foretold: The Case of Israel

Grieving Gaza And What Israel Has Become

Fatah To Take Israel To The Hague

UN: Israel hit future Palestinian state infrastructure

There is more than enough evidence that Israel committed war crimes in its three week-long offensive into Gaza, says a UN investigator

Israel and the white heat of justice: A political solution for Gaza must not preclude the investigation of war crimes, including Israel’s use of white phosphorus

Robert Fisk: So far, Obama’s missed the point on Gaza…

The Emotional Violence Of Jewish Advocacy

How baby Saheed died: Gaza

War Crimes Charges Filed On 15 Israeli Officials

Doctors Document Gaza Horrors

Gaza & The ‘Psychology’ Of Zionist Jews

48 members of the Samouni family were killed in one day when Israel’s battle with Hamas suddenly centred on their homes

Palestinians move for Gaza war-crimes probe

video – Evidence of white phosphorus in Gaza

Making Gaza Simple For Christians – By Rev. Ted Pike

Israel to build a new settlement on West bank

For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel

US warships to steel Israel for new war amid speculation that it plans to take out Iran after Gaza

Gazan children denied treatment abroad

Gaza: Indiscriminate slaughter from the air is a barbarism that must be abolished

Envoy to Australia: Gaza op shows Israel ‘ready to engage’ on Iran threat

US Jews Distancing Themseves From Israel

Human shields forced into Gaza front line by Israelis and Hamas

Hamas ‘not responsible’ for recent rocket attacks, says Israel

Irish Civil Society Calls For Boycott of Israel

Israel Vows Another Gaza War

How to Kill a Palestinian – by Dr. Elias Akleh

video – Gaza farmers devastated by war

Girl 8, No Legs – ‘I Will Never Walk Again. What Did I Do To Israel?’

Conflict leaves Gaza’s agriculture in ruins

A suffocating consensus of self-congratulation: The role played by the World Jewish Congress as cheerleader for Israel does no favours for Jews around the world

Israel Blockade Means Gaza Can’t Rebuild

Growing concern over Israel’s weapons use

Gaza ‘looks like earthquake zone’

Ahmadinejad – Erdogan Humiliated Israel

Israel to maintain 230,000 settlers in West Bank; Latest Israeli offer: not one Palestinian refugee would be granted right to return to former home in Israel

Israel Is Nobody’s Friend

‘Holocaust’ Memorial OK, Palestinian Memorial Forbidden: Israeli Arabs protest banning of PFLP founder memorial service

Israeli Hate Crimes: Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

Israel Recruits Army Of Bloggers To Troll Anti-War Websites

A Palestinian human rights group has revealed that only 95 resistance fighters were killed in the 23-day Israeli offensive into Gaza

Israeli Attack Injures 1.5 Million Gazans … or every surviving Palestinian in Gaza

The World from Berlin: ‘No Interest in Gaza Stability’

The Hijacking Of The Jewish faith

Israel firing phosphorous after ceasefire

Iran Sets Ban, Fine On Trade With Israel

Israel using “DIME” weapons on civilian population in Gaza

Israeli rabbis to Olmert: It doesn’t matter even if you kill million Palestinians

Gaza dead children found with bullets lodged in their head

Israeli rights groups call on government legal adviser to set up independent investigation on army’s role in Gaza

Gaza invasion: Powered by the U.S.

List Of Israel’s Child Victims In Gaza

In Bombed Gaza, Doctors Become Patients

When Israel expelled Palestinians: What if it was San Diego and Tijuana instead?

Zionist Jews – Godfathers Of Terrorism

“Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves … politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves… The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country.”David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp 91-2 of Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan’s “Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech

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