Linkurile zilei – Gaza, o rana deschisa [2009 – 2]

7:25 am Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Evenimentul zilei: Un reporter a fost dupa sfarsitul ostilitatilor in Fasia Gaza

Domnule presedinte al statului Israel: Stergeti numele bunicului meu de la Yad Vashem – de Jean-Moise Braitberg

Ehud Barack, marele castigator din Gaza

Israelul se asteapta la procese pentru crime de razboi

André Nouschi, un evreu mânios

Cine a pierdut si cine a câstigat în Gaza

Obama, presedintele care ar putea sa aduca pacea in Orientul Mijlociu

Un membru al cabinetului israelian cere asasinarea lui Ismail Haniyeh sefului guvernului Hamas

Ce a adus conflictul din Gaza?

Ban Ki Moon este stupefiat de atacul israelian asupra sediului ONU din Gaza

SUA cere Israel anchete in privinta crimelor de razboi

Presedintele Iranului, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, cere urmarirea in justitie a liderilor Israelului

Reprezentant ONU: “53 dintre cele 200 de unitati ONU din Gaza au fost afectate de bombardament”

Rabin israelian: Palestinienii ne sunt dusmani de moarte

Spania deschide un proces pentru crime împotriva umanitatii, acuzând sapte oficiali israelieni

Ambasadorul american la ONU: Israel trebuie sa ancheteze acuzatiile de crima din Gaza

Popularitatea Hamas, în crestere dupa ofensiva israeliana

Dupa aproape trei saptamani de razboi, numarul mortilor palestinieni a ajuns la 1030, iar cel al ranitilor la 4560

Statele Unite umilite de catre aliatul lor israelian

Israelul dezbina tarile din Uniunea Europeana

Bombardamente israeliene nocturne

Statul Isratina, solutia lui Gaddafi pentru conflictul israeliano-palestinian

Regele saudit Abdullah ofera 1 miliard de dolari pentru reconstructia Fasiei Gaza

Cateva motive pentru care sunt urati evreii, Gaza, rabini contra sionism

Nazism german vs. nazism israelian – Ziduri si garduri de sârma ghimpata pentru a tine “rasa inferioara” închisa

Egipt: Israelul, beat de putere si de violenta, este principalul obstacol in obtinerea unui acord de pace in Gaza

Egipt: Israelul, beat de putere si de violenta, este principalul obstacol in obtinerea unui acord de pace in Gaza

video – ONE Minute, To See the Truth About Palestine

Israeli army says shelling of house where girls died was ‘reasonable’

My terror as a human shield: The story of Majdi Abed Rabbo – Israeli soldiers forced Majdi Abed Rabbo to risk his life as a go-between in the hunt for three Hamas fighters

The Nightmare of Netanyahu Returns: This is the man calling for the re-occupation of Gaza to ‘liquidate’ its elected government

Chomsky interview: Undermining Gaza

Israeli jets stage mock raids in Lebanon airspace

14,000 homes, 68 government buildings, 31 NGOs destroyed leaving 600,000 tons of rubble in Gaza

Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland: Officials warn of ‘destruction of all means of life’ after the three-week conflict leaves agriculture in the region in ruins

How Hamas Is Reasserting Itself In Gaza

Israel’s Subtle Propaganda Strategy: The Israel Lobby at Work

Demands for Israeli war crimes probe grow

video – Syria’s first lady on Gaza

video – The deaths of three daughters of a Palestinian doctor who practices extensively in Israel have given a human face to the conflict for Israelis

Gaza War Analysis: Hurray! We Lost!

The View from Gaza: Smugglers Get Tunnels Back in Operation

Hezbollah Commander Assassinated by Mossad – Israeli Sources

Which Israel Should Hamas Recognize? Likud Charter Does Not Recognize Palestine

Israel Warns Lebanon, Hezbollah Of War

Depopulation, Destruction and Displacement of the Palestinian People

The International Criminal Court is exploring ways to prosecute Israeli commanders over alleged war crimes in Gaza

Gazans say Israeli troops forced them into battle zones: Istrael violate not only international law, but also Israel’s court-imposed ban on using civilians as human shields

Gaza New Siege Mechanism

Is Israel Losing the Media War in Gaza?

Israel Vows Immunity To War Criminals

Gaza: Living (and dying) in the age of barbarism

Report: Gaza detainees held bound for days; IDF Atrocities Hit By 7 Israeli Rights Groups

Israel is pinning the blame of war crimes on its Gaza operation commanders by concealing their identities

UN special rapporteur Richard Falk likens Gaza to Warsaw Ghetto

IDF rabbinate publication during Gaza war: We will show no mercy on the cruel

Israel shells UN headquarters in Gaza, destroys tonnes of humanitarian aid

Israel bombs Gaza cemetery

Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction – Naomi Klein

Long term soil devastation in Gaza due to use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium

Strong Criticism of Israel’s Violent Incursion Into Gaza all over the Internet

After the war, Gazans seek answers on white phosphorus amid increasing evidence of it’s widespread use by Israel in heavily-populated civilian areas

Israel denies Gaza access to clean water

Israeli ‘Cluster Bombing’ In Gaza? Unlikely

Iran president: ‘Not feasible’ for Israel to live

War Crimes Accusations Rattle Israel: In the wake of the Gaza war, Israel is preparing to defend itself and its soldiers against possible criminal charges in European courts that claim ‘universal jurisdiction.’

Study says Israel didn’t violate war laws

Bad news for Israel: 23-day war actually bolstered support for Hamas, rocket attacks

Gaza doctors add to the growing number of accounts that suggest Israel used white phosphorus munitions against international norms of war

Inquiries Support Olmert’s Version of Rice-Shaming Incident

Israel: Militants launch rocket, violating truce

Israeli Assault on Gaza: Not Even the Zoo Animals Were Spared

Israel Clamps Down On Only News Network That Was Reporting From Gaza During Operation Cast Lead

UN called to action against Israel

Account of Israeli attack doesn’t hold up to scrutiny

video – Video shows evidence of phosphorus bombs in Gaza

Quotes About Jews by Jews

86 Israeli War Criminals Wanted By International Courts

Israeli troops killed Gaza children carrying white flag, witnesses say

Jewish Rebels Rally Against Zionism

Israeli forces accused of manipulating own laws to repress freedom of information

Israel to keep tight grip on Gaza reconstruction

German Protestors Compare Gaza to the Holocaust.

Did the Israeli Army Wage Jewish Jihad in Gaza?

Israeli army “subcontracted” by extremist settlers

Israeli warlord vows face-off with Iran

Israel’s Free Ride Ends: As Israel pulverises Gaza, questions and doubts about Israeli policy are becoming more prominent in the American media

Is Israel using “Directed Energy” Weapons in the Gaza Strip? “Focused Lethality” is another constituent of the vernacular

Iran has criticized oil-rich Arab countries for accepting Israeli cash in the face of Tel Aviv’s continuous ‘war crimes’ in the Gaza Strip.

How Israeli Intelligence Fabricated a Frequently-Repeated Myth to Justify Tel Aviv’s Aggression

Jewish Dissenters Speak Out Over Gaza

Iran To Sanction Firms Trading With Israel

Killing Children With Impunity

Civilians in Gaza feel ‘alone in this world’

“Everybody has to move, run and grab as many (Palestinian) hilltops as they can to enlarge the (Jewish) settlements because everything we take now will stay ours…Everything we don’t grab will go to them.”Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of the Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, Nov. 15, 1998.

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