Linkurile zilei – Gaza, o rana deschisa [2009 – 1]

4:09 am Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Un deputat evreu din Marea Britanie a comparat ofensiva israeliana din Fâsia Gaza cu actiunile nazistilor

video – Discursul lui Sir Gerald Kaufman, membru al Parlamentului Marii Britanii, evreu sionist: “Israelienii au actionat ca niste nazisti în Gaza”

Procurorii turci lanseaza o ancheta impotriva liderilor israelieni pentru “genocid, tortura si crime impotriva umanitatii”

Wanted: Ehud Olmert (pentru crime de razboi si crime împotriva umanitatii)

Israelul admite ca a folosit munitie cu fosfor alb in Gaza

Soldatii israelieni nu pot fi judecati pentru crime de razboi

Israelul a restrictionat accesul in Cisiordania

Dovada crimelor de razboi din Gaza. Un ziarist acuza: Israelul a folosit deliberat fosfor alb si bombe cu fragmentatie asupra civililor palestinieni

O Palestina libera nu a fost niciodata mai aproape (Yousef Abuddayeh)

video – Adevarul despre masacrul din Gaza / The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Massacre

Fost responsabil cu securitatea Israelului: Dupa Gaza, vine randul Iranului

Cronica unei sinucideri anuntate: cazul Israelului

În Gaza, locuitorii povestesc despre înversunarea armatei israeliene împotriva civililor

Nazism german vs. nazism israelian – Punctele de control

Bombardamente peste ONU si ziaristi

caricatura – Ierusalim, orasul celor trei religii (de Chard)

Nazism german vs. nazism israelian – Ziduri si garduri pentru a tine “rasa inferioara” închisa.

Gaza si informarea

Olmert: Israelul va reactiona de o maniera disproportionata la tirurile de rachete

video – We will not go down / Cantec pentru Gaza

video – The Hidden Truth In Gaza

Israel admits to killing peace activist doctor’s daughters with tank fire but claims their actions were ‘reasonable’

Israel’s Lies

Israel Denies Gaza Clean Water: Israel has refused to allow a French-made water purification system into Gaza amid a drinking water crisis in the Palestinian strip

video – Has Israel committed crimes against humanity? You decide

Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza

video – The BBC Won’t Play This Gaza Aid Appeal

More than 100 UK parlamentaries have signed an early day motion criticising the BBC and Sky News for refusing to show an emergency appeal for Gaza

BBC Director General Mark Thompson refuses to broadcast charity appeal for Gaza aid

Israeli politicians offer territory swaps and tunnels to solve the endless crisis

Israel has expelled 10 activists and journalists after detaining them for hours and seizing their cargo ship that was trying to deliver aid to Gaza

Israeli soldiers recall Gaza attack orders – ‘Fire On Anything That Moves’

BBC Gaza Fund Ban Is Deadly – by George Galloway

The newspeak of Israeli propagandists

Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza

Israeli Gunboat Targets Gaza Civilians

“Why the Gaza calm crashed” by Alastair Crooke, former European Union mediator with Hamas

Analysis – The Israeli Plot Against Gaza

A shameful war: Israel in the dock over assault on Gaza

Israeli denials and explanations can no longer be afforded consideration on their own

Americas war crimes in Gaza

94% of Israeli’s support their countries actions in Gaza

Israel Killed Everything But The Will To Resist

History Of Palestine – Those People in Gaza: Where Do They Come From, And Why Are They So Mad?

A Chronicle of War in Gaza: The Mourning that Follows the Hate

Israel in Gaza increasingly seen as Rogue State by EU, Red Cross, Lancet. As of Thursday morning, the Israelis have now killed 1038 and wounded 4850 Palestinians

Turkey prosecutor to probe whether IDF Gaza op was ‘genocide’

The Decline of Israel’s Leadership

Gaza: ‘I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls’

Survivor Testimony Of Israeli Gaza Holocaust

New Israeli raids looming over Gaza

Israel Wanted A Humanitarian Crisis: Targeting civilians was a deliberate part of this bid to humiliate Hamas and the Palestinians, and pulverise Gaza into chaos

Arnon Sofer, Israeli Professor at Haifa University: “When 2.5 million [Palestinians] live in a closed-off Gaza, they will become even bigger animals … so to remain alive, we’ll have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day”

Israel Blows Child To Pieces During Ceasefire: All we’ve got left of him

Testimonies Of Israeli Crimes In Gaza

Egypt has proof that the majority of weapons that are smuggled into the Gaza Strip come from Israel

ADL Survey Shows American Jews Overwhelmingly Supported Israel’s Gaza Action

Iran Summons World On Israel War Crimes

REMEMBER: War on child souls, victims on both sides – Message from Israeli Children to Arabs: “Die”

Outcry Against Gaza “War Crimes” Grows: Palestinian President, Human Rights Groups Say Attacks Violated Laws; Netanyahu Says Israel Didn’t Go Far Enough

video – Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss Criticizes Zionist Occupation of Palestine

After the holocaust, is Israel the worst thing to happen to the Jewish people?

Hamas says no truce without lifting of siege on Gaza

Obama Endorses Two-State Solution for Arab-Israeli Conflict

Hamas’ popularity soars after Gaza war, poll shows; Fatah declines

UN suspends Gaza emergency aid deliveries after Hamas steals supplies.

Israel’s Supposed Victory Is Really a Defeat

Israel and Hamas: Psychological Tricks to Demoralize the Enemy

Israeli troops told to avoid capture at ‘all cost’

‘Hamas’ Strength Is Not Broken

The story of Khaled Abd Rabbo: “My mother, my wife, and my three daughters all held white flags” …

Israeli ‘phosphorous shells’ incinerate 1,000s of tons of UN food as Gaza starves

image – Hamas vs. Israel rockets

The charity Christian Aid says a clinic for mothers and babies in Gaza, which it funds along with the EU, has been destroyed in an Israeli air strike

Things One Sees From The Hague

video – From Gaza to Jerusalem: the impact of war on the Israeli election

From London To Gaza: Despite official apathy to the suffering in Gaza, Londoners are gathering for a solidarity convoy to deliver aid to Palestine – by George Galloway

Gaza Injuries Put Focus On Phosphorus

UN’s humanitarian chief ‘Shocked’ By Gaza Destruction; at least 50,000 Gazans are now homeless

video – The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Massacre

Gaza Is a Concentration Camp: One Israeli official promised a holocaust in Gaza; it is impossible to keep pace with the death toll.

Gideon Levy: The IDF has no mercy for the children in Gaza nursery schools

Israelis ‘shot at fleeing Gazans’

Israeli parlament disqualifies two Arab parties from running in elections

Israelis Use Their Feces As Weapons – Destruction in Izbet Abed Rabu

Doctors Spooked by Israel’s Mystery Weapon

Peres says Israel kills for ‘democracy’

Israel Accused of Weapons Experimentation, War Crimes in Gaza

Israel accused of war crimes

Noam Chomsky on the Crisis in Gaza

Israel losing 4th Gen War conflict in Gaza

Media frustration over Gaza ban grows

Canada refuses to condemn Israel at the UN : meanwhile 89 Jews blast Israel in the Guardian

“Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories.”Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.

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    Date: February 8, 2009 @ 6:03 am

    Reveniti dupa o vizita la presedintele iranian Ahmadinejad, cativa rabini explica intr-o emisiune televizata motivul pentru care au o atitudine contrara sionismului. Aflam ca si in 1944 puteau fi salvati multi dintre evreii din Ungaria, deoarece nazistii flamanzi fiind dupa fonduri au fost deschisi unei astfel de intelegeri „ evrei contra bani „ , insa ELITELE bogatane sioniste n-au fost de acord. Si este evident ca nu doreau asa ceva din moment ce ele chiar FINANTASERA nazismul:

    Si o facusera deoarece au avut nevoie atat de declansarea razboiului cat si de holocaust, pentru crearea mai apoi a unui zid concentric protector, a unui formidabil sistem ( inclusiv legislativ ) anti antisemitism in spatele caruia sa-si faca nestanjeniti de cap.

    De aceea dr. Nahum Goldman ( 1894 – 1982 ), presedinte al World Zionist Organization, avertiza in 1958 la World Jewish Conference in Geneva:
    „ Un declin al puternicului curent anti-semitism sincer , ar putea constiutui un nou pericol pentru supravietuirea evreiasca . Disparitia anti-semitismului va avea efecte foarte negative asupra activitatii noastre „

    Iar acei rabini observa foarte bine folosirea holocaustului ca formidabila unealta si nu sunt de acord cu aceasta. Mai spun ei ca marea problema din Orientul Apropiat este actuala formula de stat a Israelului, generatoare de mega probleme voite. Amintesc ca sute de ani evreii aveau comunitati ce traiau in buna intelegere cu musulmanii, pana cand sionistii s-au gandit ca nu este bine asa …

    In aceasta chestiune si eu zic la fel ca ei. Aici sta sursa multor rele: activitatea ELITELOR atat pe plan mondial, cat si in Orientul Apropiat. Dar opiniei publice i se ascunde acest lucru prin mass-media manipulatoare si prin clasa politica marioneta.

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