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12:50 am Linkurile zilei, Masacrul din Gaza

Miting de solidaritate cu victimele conflictului armat din Gaza, maine, in Bucuresti

Ministrul german de externe: “Criza umanitara din Gaza s-ar putea transforma într-o catastrofa umanitara.”

Razboiul prin ochi de copil…

Razboiul din Gaza: Sediul agentiei ONU pentru refugiatii palestinieni este in flacari. Atacatorii au folosit bombe cu fosfor alb

Ehud Olmert catre Bush: Statele Unite NU trebuie sa voteze aceasta rezolutie

Ministrul Apararii israelian i-a prezentat scuze secretarului general al ONU

Vom fi totdeauna in trei: eu, tu si urmatorul razboi

Israelul accepta planul egiptean de încetare a focului în Gaza

Gaza: Ministrul de interne al Hamas, ucis intr-un raid israelian

S-a trezit Osama bin Laden. Liderul Al-Qaida ameninta Israelul cu declansarea jihadului

Dupa Bolivia, acum si Venezuela a rupt relatiile diplomatice cu Israelul

Sa-i eliberam pe palestinieni de minciunile lui Bernard-Henri Lévy (de Alain Gresh)

Negocierile privind criza din Gaza continua la Cairo

Israeli rights groups blast army over Gaza bloodshed

Israel admits: “No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire”

Lancet medical journal blasts Israeli ‘atrocities’ in Gaza: Israel is responsible for “large and indiscriminate human atrocities”

Chronology: Which Side Violated the Israel-Gaza Ceasefire?

video – What You Need To Know About Israel’s “Colonies” : Anna Baltzer, a young Jewish American, went to the West Bank to discover the realities of daily life for Palestinians under the occupation

Israel Pounds Gaza: Shells Crowded Hospital, UN Compound and Building Housing Media Organizations

The president of the UN General Assembly has condemned Israel’s killings of Palestinians in its Gaza offensive as “genocide”

UN headquarters in Gaza hit by Israeli ‘white phosphorus’ shells

Israel Threatens to Shoot Unarmed Civilians aboard Mercy Ship – Tons of humanitarian aid stopped.

Iran warns Israel over aid ship interception

Jews for Gaza

UN headquarters ablaze after Israeli ‘phosphorous’ strike on Gaza

EU parliament urges halting relations with Israel: European deputies step up pressure on Brussels to do more to end Israeli offensive

The Re-Possession of Gaza: The Return of Jewish Settlements to Gaza

Olmert stands by his story on Rice’s Gaza vote: he got the U.S. to abstain from voting on the U.N.’s Gaza ceasefire resolution

Israel Attacks UN and Media Buildings

video – Israeli Soldiers Refuse to Serve in Gaza

Rice: Olmert’s take on my talks with Bush on Gaza UN resolution is ‘fiction’

Spent shells prove Israeli use of white phosphorus, Gaza doctors say

Amnesty on Israel: “These are very, very clear breaches of international law”

video – Palestinian little girl asking: WHY?

Israel: Don’t pity the Palestinians; Pity worst form of patronizing, will ensure Gazans continue to whine instead of acting

Gazans seek new places to bury the dead

Ahmadinejad’s letter to Saudi Arabia

UN: Israelis hit our headquarters in Gaza with white phosphorus shells

Israel is the most racist society: David Rovics, a world-renowned American folk singer

Gaza the Second Holocaust

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network: We will not be silent on Gaza. Confront Zionism! Divest from Israel!

Irish Foreign Minister Condemns Israeli Atrocities

Benjamin Netanyahu says Hamas must be ‘removed’ from Gaza

Red Cross says Gaza humanitarian situation ’shocking’

Israel apologises to UN after ‘phosphorous’ strike on relief headquarters in Gaza where 700 Palestinians were sheltering

Israeli human rights groups speak out as death toll passes 1,000

Israel is using US money to built settlements in the West Bank: US is threatening to cut its aid.

315 children have died in Gaza in the last 19 days.

A Timeline of the Bush Years

Israel shelled the UN headquarters in Gaza, burning the compound and a warehouse containing thousands of pounds of food and humanitarian supplies intended for Palestinian refugees

Israel testing ‘extremely nasty’ weapon; Norwegian doctors: “I think that Gaza is now being used as a test laboratory for new weapons”

US Congressman: Israel war violations ‘deliberate’

image – Nazism vs. Zionism

700 Israelis arrested for protesting against war

The Blame Game In Gaza: Covering For Israel, Concealing War Crimes

Israeli army masses along Lebanon border

The international Red Cross: Israel’s use of white phosphorus is not illegal

Saudi Arabia slams Israel’s ‘racist extermination’ war

Gaza: Israeli troops reveal ruthless tactics against Hamas

How Israel Is Using Hamas To Create A Greater Israel

Israel: ‘IDF white phosphorus use not illegal’

Gaza Strip: When Perpetrators Play Victim

Israeli public broadly backs the war against Gaza

Gaza is Sinking in a River of Blood: A Message from a Gazan to the World

Israeli Settlers Want Back Into Gaza: Gush Katif evacuees implore gov’t to let them resettle Gaza

Israels “Cast Lead” Operation & Mass Executions

Israel’s foreign minister expresses Tel Aviv’s grave concern over “a wave of anti-Semitism” sparked by the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

Historian and author Michael Hoffman on Israel’s ‘Talmudic’ War Crimes

Bill Moyers on Gaza

video – Israeli intelligence agency cracks down on Israeli protesters on Gaza

Iran Says Israel Stops Its Aid Ship To Gaza

More than 100,000 in pro-Gaza march in Spain

Israel’s real target in Gaza is not Hamas, says retired general

According to Israeli war ethics an entire city holds collective responsibility for the immoral behavior of individuals.

video – Israeli Extremists Harass Al-Jazeera TV Team At Nahariya

Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman: Do to Hamas what the US did to Japan

video – Israel: Expert Discusses White Phosphorus Use

video – Dennis Kucinich Explains His ‘NO’ vote against endorsing Israel’s violent campaign in Gaza

Support for Hamas surges in the Middle East

petition: GAZA: Stop The Bloodshed

video – Former Israeli Foreign Minister Appears On UK TV, Says Israeli Intelligence ‘Inventing Facts’ on Hammas rockets

Israeli Bloodlust Genocide In Gaza

video – Muslim Passagers Removed from Flight = a result of racial profilling

Palestinian doctor killed by Israel Defense Forces while treating Gaza wounded

Gaza comparable to Sabra and Shatila massacre: Two Norwegian doctors say high number of Palestinian civilians were victim of Israeli raids on Gaza

Yes, hate: Many Israelis Hate Jewish ‘Settlers’

Battle Rages In Gaza – Hamas Claims 2 Tanks

Gaza – One Of History’s Terror Bombings

video – The Little Ones Of Gaza

It Will Take Decades To Rebuild Gaza

Hamas And The Desperate People of Palestine…A Recent History

Israel Bans Two Arab Political Parties

Chavez Turns Into Palestinian Hero

Growing Calls for Israel to Face War Crimes Investigation

Israeli warplanes have attacked two fully equipped MEDICAL clinics in Gaza

Congressman Ron Paul holds US liable for Gazans death

Israel defense officials back immediate Gaza cease-fire

Economist: The Arabs and Israel – The hundred years’ war

Young Israeli socialist speaks out for a free Palestine

Proof Positive: Israel Using White Phosphorus in Gaza

Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador: Chavez Fiercly Critical Of Gaza Conflict, Israel’s “Barbarism”

Gaza faces bleak future even when bombs stop

Hamas puts Israeli casualties at 360

Anti-war Israelis hold mass protest in Tel Aviv over their government’s massacre in Gaza, get attacked by pro-war mob screaming “You are the cancer of this country”

Early Gaza damage estimate: $1.4 billion

Thousands of Gaza houses destroyed and damaged by Israeli strikes

In Shallow Graves in Al-Qarrara Village – Lies Fathers and Sons – Victims of an Israeli Massacre

“A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat and perjure himself; but he must take care that he is not found out, so that Israel may not suffer.”Talmud: Schulchan Aruch, Jore Dia.

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    Date: January 16, 2009 @ 4:50 am
    Ca tot va place dvs. Maica Siluana!
    Foarte frumos si foarte adevarat de Sfantul Nicolae Velimirovici,articolul!

    Dar oare eu nu am si eu o o parte de vina , desi foarte mica (sper ca nu cumva Dumnezeu sa imi ceara socoteala si mai aspra ca nu am folosit cum trebuie talantii de mi i-a dat) in aceasta criza?
    Pai poate as fi putut sa fac si un pic de misiune printre cei ne-ortodocsi si nu am facut…deci am si eu o foarte mica parte de vina pentru aceasta criza!

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